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Buying a home. How to get started.

 We all need shelter. You either need to buy it, rent it or live with someone else that has bought it or rented it. A saying that has been around for years is "They don't make anymore dirt".  The "American Dream" of home ownership, is an achievable dream for all that want it. We are here to help with that Dream Achievement.  

Step 1. Consultation. This is simply to set up a meeting. Give us a call at 912-882-5194 and we can set up a time for you to ask your questions. No obligation. Just questions and answers.

Step 2. Find a lender.  We have a great one that's in the building with us. You can of course, speak with the lender of your choosing. The Lender pre-approves you. Nothing major. They will run your credit and get some basic info. Being pre-approved lets you search for homes that fit your budget.

Step 3.  View Homes.  The fun part. This is where we start opening doors, kickin' butt and takin' names. Well mostly, opening doors. Finding the perfect home all starts with viewing. 

Step 4. Making an offer.  No more Mr. Nice Buyer. It’s time to get serious. This is where we shine. We crunch the numbers to make sure the home is worth the asking price, what known repairs that may need to be addressed. We will negotiate for seller to contribute to your closing costs, a home warranty, etc. We help you navigate the dates and hurdles, counter offers and whatever else is thrown your way. You will likely need earnest money at the time of offer acceptance. This normally ranges from $500-$1000. Simply put, earnest money lets sellers know you are serious. This is applied to your closing cost.  If its not needed it will be returned to you at closing. 

Step 5.  Under Contract. Congrats!!!! Your offer was accepted. Now what? When the offer is accepted between buyer and seller. The Adulting phase begins. There will be time allotted in the contract for inspections. This is called Due Diligence. You can perform any inspection you like that gives you a warm and fuzzy. We encourage you to have a home inspection performed. Cost is between $250 and $350 depending on size of home.

 What to expect from time you go under contract and closing.

  • Repairs. Home inspectors find those things that you may not see when we viewed the home. (bad outlets, windows that won’t open, safety issues, etc.) If these items are a concern, we renegotiate for those to be repaired on seller’s dime.  Seller says no, you can exit the contract and get your earnest money back.
  • Appraisal. The lender will order an appraisal. The appraiser may even ask for repairs. These may be separate from the repairs you asked for in due diligence.
  • Lender. The lender is the nice one. The under writer that works with lender has the job of verifying what you said on your loan application. You say you are in the Navy; they will verify it. You say you have paid your taxes. You got it, the underwriter checks. You will be asked to send the lender your pay stubs, pretty much right up until closing.
  • Insurance. You will need to insure the home. Call around and get the best quotes. This will be part of closing cost. 
  • Closing attorney. They will be working on making sure the seller has the right to sell, there are no hidden liens on the property, drafting the closing documents etc.

Step 6.  Closing. You made it. You have stressed, stalked the property, interrogated the neighbors and now there is just one more hurdle. The closing. This is where you legally take possession of the home. What to expect. Within 3 business days of closing, the lender will provide you a document called a TRID aka Know Before You Owe mortgage disclosure rule.

This lays out basically what you will owe, fees you owe and other costs you paid (closing cost). This is the start of closing. The sitting at the table part happens a few days after the TRID is signed and returned. Now you are at the closing table, there will be song and dance, and …..well honestly its paperwork, just paperwork. Loan docs, Deed docs, "I promise I will take care of the home docs". When its done its done. The keys are yours. No Landlords, No rent going to someone else. All your yours. Dream Achieved. 



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